13 comic book series of the same name created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson. Nick Sax is an alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman who lives his days with a kidnapped santa claus pdf and cynicism. After he is shot and left for dead, he is revived while in the care of paramedics and can now see a small, blue, goofy cartoonish winged horse named Happy. Happy is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Hailey, who has been kidnapped by a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus.

Ritchie Coster as Francisco Scaramucci, a wealthy crime boss known as “Mr. Patrick Fischler as Smoothie, one of Mr. Christopher Fitzgerald as Louis Sheinberg, a children’s entertainer also known as “Sonny Shine”, and to Blue as “Mr. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U. Former cop turned hitman Nick Sax stumbles across the Scaramucci family secret during a hit which puts his life in danger. Hailey is kidnapped by Very Bad Santa, bringing to life her imaginary friend “Happy”, who then seeks out Sax for his help saving Hailey. After a bloody escape from Smoothie and his men at the hospital, Sax learns from Happy that Hailey is his daughter.

Sax is drawn into a game of cards with some former associates after asking them for some guns and money. With his luck down, Sax uses Happy to cheat by looking at their cards to win. Sax and Happy begin their search for Hailey, which takes them to a strip club in search of a disheveled looking Santa. After Very Bad Santa tries to eat Happy, he vomits up the fortune to a fortune cookie. Sax traces the fortune first to the company that produced it, and then to the restaurant in Chinatown that sells it, tracking down who delivers to Very Bad Santa while avoiding Triad assassins. Hailey and the other children arrive at a new prison made up like a classroom, with Smoothie as the “teacher”. Urged by Happy, Sax meets Amanda for the first time in ten years, but the house is attacked by masked men, whom Sax brutally kills.

Happy meets a three-headed dog named Raspberry, who introduces him to his friend—Blue’s son Jimmy, who tortures and kills imaginary friends. Sax leaves Mikey at a church while he confronts Blue, demanding Hailey’s release in exchange for Mikey. However, Mikey escapes and makes his way to his mother’s house. Amanda questions children’s entertainer Sonny Shine about the kidnappings of Hailey and the other children at his “Wish-tacular” events, and soon realizes that Sonny, who is revealed to be “Mr. Smoothie has the children packaged like dolls and loaded in a truck. Amanda being thrown out of Shine Tower.

Sax and Happy make their way to Very Bad Santa’s hideout, finding all of the children he has kidnapped over the years, physically grown up but lobotomized with a power drill to remain “children” forever. As he is about to do the same to Hailey, she escapes. Happy was originally voiced by Bobby Moynihan in the pilot, but was later replaced by Patton Oswalt. The website’s critical consensus states, “Happy!

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Renewed For Season 2 By Syfy”. Chris Meloni To Star In Syfy Pilot ‘Happy! Lili Mirojnick Joins Syfy Pilot As Series Regular”. Patton Oswalt Set To Voice Title Character In Syfy Series, Replacing Bobby Moynihan”. Joseph Reitman Cast As Main Villain In Syfy Series”. Michael Maize Set To Recur In Syfy Series”.

Bobby Moynihan to Voice Title Character in Syfy Pilot”. Who Wants to Be a Superhero? This page was last edited on 5 April 2018, at 17:20. So hallow’d, and so gracious is the time.

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