Please forward this error screen to 107. Attorney General Lisa Before the flood worksheet pdf’s Consumer Protection Division protects Illinois consumers and businesses victimized by fraud, deception, and unfair business practices.

The work of the Division is carried out by the following bureaus: Consumer Fraud Bureau, Charitable Trust Bureau, Franchise Bureau, Health Care Bureau, and Military and Veterans Rights Bureau. The Consumer Fraud and Health Care Bureaus offer informal dispute resolution programs for consumers with complaints concerning their purchases and health care. Although the Attorney General’s Office will do its best to assist you, the Attorney General’s Office is prohibited from representing citizens privately. Law enforcement actions are taken by the Attorney General to protect the public good and ensure a fair market-place. You can read more about major Attorney General Consumer Protection cases on the settlements page.

An important part of the Division’s work is to provide Illinois citizens with the information necessary to avoid becoming victims of consumer fraud and to aid in making wise purchasing decisions. To this end, our website contains a number of fact sheets, news releases and links to other consumer-related sites. The Division also advocates on behalf of Illinois citizens by holding hearings and drafting reports and legislation on emerging consumer issues. Although our attorneys cannot represent an individual in a lawsuit, our limited mediation program can assist in resolving disputes or complaints filed by individual consumers. Attorney General Lisa Madigan issues Consumer Alerts to media outlets across Illinois to raise awareness to the latest scam or fraud being reported in Illinois. This is the Emergency Preparedness merit badge for Boy Scouts. Arrow of Light Scouts can earn the First Responder Adventure Pin.

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