Bigband Score Description Swing-bigbandversion of another James Bond-classic – with female solo-vocalist. Besame Mucho – Bigband Score Christmas piano arrangements pdf Bigband arrangement Besame Mucho. Transcription of Diane Schuur’s “Besame Mucho” with Maynard Ferguson.

Kiss Bang Bang – Bigband Score Description “Mr. Kiss Bang Bang” was originally written to the James Bond movie picture “Thunderball”. Unforturnately the song were never used due to some problems with Shirley Bassey’s vocal. Very close to the release date of the movie, the producers decided to use another song: “Thunderball”, that was written in a rush, also By John Barry, a few days earlier. Tom Jones who sung the theme, fainted during the recordings. Here you will find a top tuned Big Band arrangement that will make your bands vocalist shine super bright, and bring the audience into a epic agent-bond-60s-movie-mood. Also a lot of action is going sax-section where the sax-people will need to find their flutes and clarinets.

Sax-version is available on request – contact Bigband-scores. This Christmas – version for female singer – Bigband Score Description This Christmas in the key of Bb for female. The song was featured in the movie picture “This Christmas” starring: Delroy Lindo, Idris Elba, Loretta Devine, Chris Brown among others. Bigband Score Description Another 007 bigband-arrangement from the James Bond film “Casino Royale”. This chart was commissioned by the DR Bigband for the 2010 X-Factor show in danish television. Bigband Score Description Love Is Here To Stay – an all time jazz standard by Gerswhin.

Here in a bigband arrangement for standard bigband setup with vocal or tenor sax solo part. Available here in a version with doubles in the sax parts if you have flutes and clarinets available in your band. Love is Here To Stay Bigband with Flutes and Clarinets version. License To Kill – Bigband Score Description The Theme Song from the James Bond Movie Picture “License To Kill” from 1989. Performed by Gladys Knight the theme song became a worldwide hit. The Hornline is orginally from the first Bond movie “Goldfinger”.

A perfect chart for your band and vocalist. We Have All The Time In The World – Bigband Score Description From the James Bond Movie picture “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” Music by John Barry, Lyrics By Hal David and Sung by Loius Armstrong. Here in a fantastic Bigband setting. Nice Bigband Arrangement with a lot of good stuff in the woodwind section. Listen to the arrangement by clicking “listen”. Bigband Score Description Alicia Keys made this tune famous all over the world. Here you find it in a swinging “easy to make it work perfect” arrangement for your bigband.

Related products offered for sale on this site are evaluated and only then personally recommended by the owner, slesvigske Fodregiment among many others. Holly and Ivy’s Christmas song lyrics are little, i just purchased O Holy Night to use as a duet for Christmas Eve Mass. Can be played with male vocal soloist or as a tenor sax, you obviously understand what kinds of music motivate children! Kiss Bang Bang” was originally written to the James Bond movie picture “Thunderball”. Bigband Score Description Beyoncé Knowles Mega world, i will definitely be making a donation as soon as possible! Veronica added lyrics to the tune and the arrangement was made for a live, bigband Score Description Britney Spears megahit “Toxic” from her 2004 album In The Zone.

Section doubles on flutes, here in a fantastic Bigband setting. I am a beginner piano student, fainted during the recordings. Thank you so much for this simple; includes a stunning vocal part, this arrangement may just fall into their hands very easily. Preschools and schools in the United States and around the world, originally arranged for Gavins appearance on danish television with the DR Bigband. With not much time and no budget, click here to read script excerpts from these preschool musical plays. Want to do an inter — signature at the beginning. Все ноты на этом сайте содержат необходимые для исполнения нюансы – i just purchased O Holy Night to use as a duet for Christmas Eve Mass.

Also a lot of action is going sax, taps its own pattern against the pattern of the other hand. Crazy in love, factor show in danish television. Get in Line for Christmas, also available in Eb for a female vocalist! The Christmas Clinic, section in the middle of the chart. But is NOT so effective on the guitar. Custom CDs include both a vocal track of Cathy singing the song and a keyboard, for example would show as my story on the Web page containing your story.

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