At Ford, we go further to make our cars better, our employees happier and our company profile model pdf a better place to be. Learn more about the work that makes Ford a company that we’re proud to be a part of. Quality Improving quality is a daily priority at Ford.

From design and manufacture to sales and service, Ford always aims to increase customer satisfaction. Safe We have a longstanding commitment to developing and implementing innovations that make our vehicles safer for our customers and their families. From water usage to worker rights, we’ve made sustainability an integral part of our business. Smart Innovation is at the core of our company. Ford is pioneering the extensive use of high-strength aluminum in a mass-market vehicle, and in 2014 we will host the auto industry’s first developer conference for in-car connectivity. Great vehicles are great for drivers everywhere, and that’s the foundation of our business’s strength. To meet demand, Ford is in the midst of its most ambitious manufacturing expansion in 50 years.

We’re increasing capacity in the United States and adding plants around the world. In the past year, we’ve continued to fund our employee pension plans worldwide, delivered record profit-sharing contributions to our U. Our work doesn’t stop with our products and our bottom line. We’re helping to solve global challenges linked to economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability. In 2013, for example, Ford globally reduced the amount of water it used to produce each vehicle by 30 percent compared to a 2009 baseline, reaching its goal two years ahead of schedule.

Plans are under way to set new long-term goals. Community service is an important part of Ford’s heritage and always has been. The Ford Volunteer Corps celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. 5 billion in its 65-year history.

Within our Sustainability report, our Blueprint for Mobility envisions the future of transportation, in which vehicles communicate with each other and the world around them to make driving safer, easier and more efficient. Our Blueprint for Sustainability goes beyond improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions to define sustainability as a business model that creates value by preserving and enhancing environmental, social and financial capital. Over a Century of Innovation Since its founding in 1903, Ford has been a pioneer in global industry. Learn more about important moments in the history of the company, and how some of them have affected the history of the automotive industry and the world.

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