Monthly Cost Reporting Concept The basic and most important Construction tool used to determine Project Profitability is the Cost Reporting process. In this article we will explain the concept cost control in construction pdf cost reporting, understand the use of our template and the associated software packages. The template also contains macro keys for updating the monthly movements.

In this instance I will refer to the international acclaimed construction software CCS. During tender CCS is used to establish the Contract Price by resource loading rates with labour, material, plant, subcontractors and prelims. With respect to cost I will refer to Buildsmart which is also an internationally recognised Accounting ERP system. Overstated Cost’ comprises costs incorrectly costed including inter contract charges, etc. Internal Adjustment’ are internal transfers for costs incorrectly allocated to cost codes. The total of this column must always equal zero. Variance’ Column for that particular month.

These variances to the allowable should be carefully analysed by the site team to determine cause and to implement remedial action where necessary. The value of the Client’s certificate is also compared with the gross value to show contract over or under claim. Costs must always match the revenue that is being claimed. If there is an over claim on the certificate, i. Project Manager will not accrue costs as the work has not been done.

Project Manager must consider the matching concept. This will prevent the over declaring of profits. Head Office which reflects amounts paid or captured on behalf of the contract. If the month of August is being reported, the cost sheets from Head Office will reflect all payments made and delivery notes captured up to 31 August. The site ledger up to and including August must be compared with the Head Office cost sheet to August and all costs in the ledger not yet reflected as costed must be listed. This list will identify Missing Costs that must be entered as such on the Cost Report.

Sometimes it may be necessary to reduce overstated costs. The need to spread costs over a period of time e. The Head Office cost sheet reflecting an error of misallocation on it. An item having been transferred or labour allocated to another contract. These charges will be reflected on Buildsmart cost and will be recorded as overstated costs on the contract report. Cost provisions may need to be created for maintenance, site clearing or JV share payments to be made at some future date. Project Manager’s checklist and included as costs on the contract report.

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In order to accurately forecast the estimated final cost and revenue an adjustment in both is required. In order to update the variation column the Quantity Surveyor needs to update the final quantities column in CCS for extras and changes in design or measurement. This will allow the resources in CCS to be updated according to the Final Quantities without affecting the Claimed or Actual values. The above template is available for purchase as part of the Commercial Cost Control Package. This process must be carried out every month around the 15th-20th in order to include into the management account.

Please forward this error screen to 108. Plug in your numbers to exchange them for numbers from the most current edition. Review numbering changes to the new edition. Canadian customers may purchase from the Construction Specifications Canada.

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