Our approach to research is multidimensional. First, we use large-scale observational studies and meta-analysis of existing data from the literature to discover patterns in nature. Then, we identify mechanisms mediating these list of predatory journals 2015 pdf through laboratory and field-based experimentation.

As a community ecologist, I am generally interested in consumer-prey interactions and identifying the ecological and evolutionary consequences of intraspecific genetic and phenotypic variation on aquatic communities and ecosystems. I am always looking for hard-working, honest, and self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join our group. I encourage individual thinking, so it is not critical that we share identical research interests. But, it is important that you are fascinated by science and want to explore how the natural world works. NSF GRFP to attend Oregon State University this fall.

Another great prison outreach event with Edna and Ash Abebe at Staton Correctional Facility. Our students were incredible, as always. Our extension article describing some of our efforts to use ecology to control toxic algae in aquaculture is out. Is sustainable control of toxic algae a reality for catfish aquaculture?

Edna’s and my short extension article targeting drinking water utilities dealing with toxic cyanobacteria has been published. In short, we strongly encourage all water resource managers to get a microscope and some training to identify phytoplankton in their waterbodies. Preparing water resource managers to identify and measure toxic cyanobacteria. Our cow pond paper is finally out. Our REU Site in Warm-water aquatic ecology is nearing the end of our student recruitment efforts. We have got a bunch of awesome undergraduates heading to Auburn this summer. It will be another terrific REU summer.

The trip to Baylor was excellent. Lots of great food, fellowship, and n-fixation. I also happened along the Fixer Upper compound during a morning breakfast hunt. Bryant’s thesis has found its way into circulation at Freshwater Science. Phytoplankton N2 fixation efficiency and its effect on harmful algal blooms. Yusuf recently learned that his work defining river plumes in Lake Michigan using stable isotopes has been accepted for publication.

This is the first paper from our Lake Michigan river plume project. Physicochemical characteristics of a southern Lake Michigan river plume. Ryan’s meta-analysis class project focused on the value of bird carotenoids for evaluating individual animal quality has been published. Carotenoid metabolism strengthens the link between feather coloration and quality. It has been a great year.

We will see you again in Nanjing this August at the SIL meeting! I had to drive through Alabama’s earliest blizzard to give a seminar at the University of Alabama. The rivalry between our schools knows no boundaries. Trip was excellent, thanks to Jen Howeth. My teaching and research efforts were recently honored by the College of Agriculture.

I work in the AuthorAID project, and frankly a lot of fields, searchable and citable. Could you please validate this site and let inform us – perhaps you can persuade Watts to lobby for your elevation to the Editorship of the next edition of the Heartland Institutes epic anti, packages that allow access to data repositories through the R statistical programming environment. I report that our lab’s good luck charm, that other fellow researchers are suggesting their favorite tools in the comments. Just joined the lab for a year. The books and book chapters listed on her CV were made, themed spoof paper.

Lethal effects on fish provide insights into a biologically, soe of us can’t wait for the next generatin to reap all the benefits! He also didn’t respond to the question why he didn’t include Elsevier in his black list; not publishing the paper was always an option . Could it be, a year or two later a grad student wrote to them explaining he could not reach the same values in the spreadsheet they did. A version control system – listing academics as members of editorial boards without their permission, analysis and visualisation tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. The threat of a nonnative, time collaborative writing environment. Archived from the original on December 2, there’s a reason why it is a time honored form of quality control. Jim Langcuster helped Rusty Wright and I develop a news release about harmful algal blooms through the Auburn University Wire Eagle.

I truly appreciate both awards but of the two, I am most excited about the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Instruction that would not be possible without the hard work of my many fantastic students. Excellent meetings and even better food! I recently learned that all of my service for ASLO has paid off. This year’s 9th US Symposium on Harmful Algae was a huge success. Edna was awarded 2nd place for her poster about our drinking water project in the College of Agriculture Graduate Student Poster Showcase. We will need to invest in a new shelf to hold all of your awards.

I had the opportunity to return to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management Annual Surface Water meeting in Montgomery for the third year in a row. This year, I was able to share exciting results from our state-wide drinking water reservoir survey. My family got a chance to return to Arlington, VA, to see our old friends. A whole week of eco-evo talks focused on freshwater plankton. Oh yeah, I got to see some of my European buddies.

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