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It has an unusual additional fretboard that extends onto the headstock. Most guitarists obtain a Drop D tuning by detuning the low E string a tone down. This list of guitar tunings supplements the article guitar tunings. In particular, this list contains more examples of open and regular tunings, which are discussed in the article on guitar tunings. In addition, this list also notes dropped tunings. Major open-tunings give a major chord with the open strings.

Used by Nickelback on “Should’ve Listened”, Devin Townsend in recent years, and Big Wreck on “Albatross”. Mark Tremonti guitarist for the bands Creed, Alter Bridge, and Tremonti. Same as Open-D but tuned a half-step down. Used by Alice In Chains on the songs “Over Now”, “Nothin’ Song”, and “Shame in You”.

C-F-C-F-A-C is the more common of the two. The Russian guitar’s tuning approximates a major-thirds tuning. Big Wreck on multiple songs, most notably “Inhale” and “Mistake”. The following open-tunings use a minor third, and give a minor chord with open strings. To avoid the relatively cumbersome designation “open D minor”, “open C minor”, such tunings are sometimes called “cross-note tunings”. The term also expresses the fact that, compared to Major chord open tunings, by fretting the lowered string at the first fret, it is possible to produce a major chord very easily.

Cross-note or open E-minor was used by Bukka White and Skip James. Sitar A – an alternative low guitar system. Recalls the sound of Indian sitar. In modal tunings, the strings are tuned to form a chord which is not definitively minor or major. These tunings may facilitate very easy chords and unique sounds when the open strings are used as drones. Often these tunings form a suspended chord on the open strings. A well known user of modal tunings is Sonic Youth.

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