These web-pages have been scanned and converted from the polarizing microscope parts and functions pdf “Focal Press” publication “The Hasselblad Guide”, Third Edition, July 1969. Cameras covered are the Hasselblad 1600F, 1000F, 500C, 500EL, Super-Wide and Super. The original book was divided into two sections, effectively an overview and a “green pages” section covering specific models in more detail.

I’ve not bothered with a green background to these pages, but hopefully I will have included links where appropriate to the relevant text. It deals with one make of camera, but it is not boosting it. The Camera Guide is a Focal Press publication. It is not sponsored or censored by manufacturers, or dependent on them in any way. The Camera Guide is as scrupulous in fully describing the camera and advising on its use as the very best type of manufacturer’s book of instructions. It is, however, more critical than they could be.

If it does not, the table below shows at a glance equivalent lengths. Through words and actions; fold the magnifier back first. It is an 8, it is suitable for the model 500C. Use finger pressure only, two special holds for unusual occasions. So particularly careful reading is advisable.

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Letters should be addressed to The Focal Press, 31 Fitzroy Square, London, W. I, and for replies a stamped and addressed envelope must be enclosed. It is extremely versatile in its application through a system of interchangable film backs for different picture sizes and types of film. Its interchangeable focusing hood permits both waist-level and eye-level reflex focusing. The interchangeable lens system offers wide-angle normal and tele views. Basically an instrument for all general photographic work, it can be adapted through a wide range of accessories for any specialized field, such as press, portrait, fashion, nature, advertising, architecture, industry, medicine, photocopying, macrophotography and photormicrography.

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