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I am making my book available to the Python community. Minor corrections can be made to later printings, and at the least errata noted on this website. The book is provided in “smart ASCII” format. Introduction Despite being over 1 year old, one of the most popular articles I have written is Overview of Python Visualization Tools. All of the tools I mentioned in the original article are still alive and many have changed quite a bit over the past year or so. Anyone looking for a visualization tool should investigate the options and see which ones meet their needs. They all have something to offer and different use-cases will drive different solutions.

One of the things that peaked my interest was that it is developed by Brian Granger and Jake Vanderplas. Brian is a core developer in the IPython project and very active in the scientific python community. For convenience, Altair can optionally use ipyvega to display client-side renderings seamlessly in the Jupyter notebook. Where Altair differentiates itself from some of the other tools is that it attempts to interpret the data passed to it and make some reasonable assumptions about how to display it. To illustrated this point, here is one very small example of where Altair differs from matplotlib when charting values. Obviously it is possible to change the value but trying to figure that out takes away from interpreting the data. You will see more of this behavior in the examples below.

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