This article is about the 2002 video game. For the novel, see The Two The lord of the rings roleplaying game core book pdf. The Two Towers received a generally positive response, with critics praising the re-creation of sets and scenes from the films, and the epic scope of some of the battles.

Some, however, criticized the game for being too short and the combat overly repetitive. The game was a financial success, selling almost four million units, and outselling Vivendi’s The Fellowship of the Ring game, which sold just over one million. The Two Towers is a hack and slash action game played from a third-person perspective. Although all three characters have different weapons and combos, their basic fighting style is the same. Each character has a quick attack which does minimal damage and can be easily blocked, and a fierce attack, which does more damage, but is slower and leaves the player vulnerable to attack. Only fierce attacks can break enemy shields. Combos, as well as health increases, and stronger ranged and devastating attacks must be purchased between levels in the skill upgrades screen.

The more skill with which the player kills, the more experience they acquire. In the GBA version, each character has fifteen active and passive skills that can be unlocked and upgraded as the player gains experience. The game is presented against the background of the history of the One Ring. In his ongoing efforts to conquer Middle-earth, Sauron regained the allegiance of many of Morgoth’s servants from the First Age, and successfully corrupted Númenor.

However, in doing so, he expended a great deal of his power, and lost the ability to ever again assume a pleasing disguise. Meanwhile, during the Third Age, a still weakened Sauron covertly established a stronghold at Dol Guldur. In response to this undetermined evil, the Valar sent five Maiar to Middle-earth. He then rides to Helm’s Deep where he awaits the attack of Saruman’s army of orcs and Uruk-hai. Attempting to cross the mountain Caradhras, a snowstorm causes an avalanche, closing the pass. The party reluctantly decide the only way past the Misty Mountains is to go under them, via the goblin mines of Moria. Soon thereafter, they reach Amon Hen, and the fellowship fragments.

Aragorn allows Frodo to leave with the Ring and make his own way to Mordor. Frodo, giving him time to escape with Sam. The game then returns to the opening, with Aragorn and Éowyn on the battlements. The women and children are taken into the caves, as Saruman’s army arrives, and the Battle of the Hornburg begins.

Initially, the defenders are able to hold off the attackers, but the Uruk-hai blast a hole in the outer wall using explosives, through which hundreds of Uruk-hai and orcs flood. After the battle, Gandalf warns Aragorn that this is only the beginning of hostilities. However, he points out that Sauron fears Aragorn, as he knows of Aragorn’s bloodline, and that he can inspire the men of Gondor. Ring is hidden, and that they should attempt to destroy it has not entered Sauron’s mind. He expects them to use it as a weapon, never imagining it is being brought closer to him every day. Development of the game that ultimately became The Two Towers began in February 2000, at which time Electronic Arts were tentatively planning to publish a game based on, and coinciding with the release of the 2001 film The Fellowship of the Ring.

Middle-earth and allow them to relive the most memorable moments of The Lord of the Rings films. We knew early on that the best way to deliver that to players was to center the game on an action experience. Viggo Mortensen reprises the role of Aragorn in the game. As well as providing the voice, Mortensen also recreated some of the sword-fighting moves from the film, allowing the development team to recreate the exact movements in the game. Peter Jackson’s films have forever imprinted upon us how Tolkien’s world should look, feel and sound. Our core design goal was to immerse the player into this world.

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